About Us


Experience in public service

Paul Severson's Experience:

  • 26 yrs on the front line, firefighting/EMS and law enforcement
  • 4 years as a fire commissioner
  • 22 years in heavy construction & general contracting
  • Member of WFCA 


Our Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive 

consultation to help identify gaps and

opportunities, with a thorough report that

includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, cost analysis and a schedule.

We offer flexible levels of service that 

will help you get where you need to go,

quickly and smoothly.

That’s how we ensure your success and ours. 


Why Us?

We have a proven history in saving costs by taking an outside the box look at how a project can be completed with funds available. Our associates have years of experience in the fire service, construction as well as inspections and code enforcement.