Frequently Asked Questions


We have limited funds. Can we get our project done within our budget?

There are several ways to get a project moving ahead and within a limited budget. For instance, phasing parts (within RCW limits) of the project to make the job smaller can allow a local company to do the work at a lesser amount than if it was included in a large bid package. Smaller companies may not bid to a large general contractor because of bonding requirements and the paperwork involved.  Let us take a look at your project and find a way to make your project happen.


We need a project done but have no ideal where to start. Can you help us?

Severson & Associates can help you and your staff get started with a plan before you spend tens of thousands of  dollars only to find out either there are not enough funds or that it won't work for various reasons. Architectural & engineering firms have their place and are needed. They will come into the picture at some point in most cases, but they may not necessarily understand your needs versus reality. Severson & Associates can help you through the process so you avoid costly mistakes and ensure the best representation.


How is using your firm any different?

We represent you and your taxpayers and that is it. Many architectural & engineering firms offer project management for large projects, but they're representing their firm and there current customers first, you second and the taxpayers last. We handle small and large projects and represent your agency and your taxpayers first.

Severson & Associates has experience and understand both contracting and the fire service. 

We have been on both sides of the desk.